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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eye Makeup Application Tips


Eye Makeup Application Tips

Putting on eye makeup can become one of the most enjoyable parts of makeup application if some basic techniques are perfected .

Ask the proper placement of eye makeup . When skilfully applied, you can change the shape of the eyes or even appear to alter its color. Most people find that practice is necessary to achieve a flattering natural application . .

Preparing for Eye Makeup

Apply the concealer . Concentrate on cover under eye circles and discolouration . Use your ring finger to gently pat the concealer into the skin finger. Eye Primers act as bases or a particular type of concealer to the eyelid. Help keep the eye shadow in place and helps resist wrinkles.

Apply eye shadow

A basic application of shade during the day starts with a neutral color washing the lash line to the crease. Use a flat eye shadow brush to place the shadow on the lid and press gently on the skin. This prevents excess eye-shadow eye fell on her cheeks. Use the coordinating darker near the crease same technique to add a neutral color, but . Use a brush to smooth the two colors for a smooth transition.

To carry eye makeup at night, add a deeper color as a plum or dark brown matte on the corner of the eye, blending into the existing eye shadow .

Eye liner be applied as near the top of the flanges a possible drawing a thin line from the inner corner to the outer corner . If the eye is small bottom cover should not be covered as this can cause the eye to see closed. Liquid Eye liner da one eyeliner pencil sharper than exact line . Another option for eyeliner is a dark colored eye shadow applied with a fine tipped brush that has been moistened with water.

To really make highlight eyes , a marker can be used to brighten eyes. Draw a v -shaped at the inner corner of the eye using a shoulder or rose gold . Mix gently with your fingers . The same marker was applied on the brow bone to accentuate the brow.

Apply mascara placing the brush on the outside of the tabs near the lash line and line up the tips of the lashes. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying another coat. You can repeat this step until the tabs reach the desired thickness. For a dramatic look at night, the movement of the tip of the mascara wand on top of the outer flanges to give them more volume.

Eye shadow should look one applies is a personal preference for a person to find what works best for them experiencing

Apply the darker ( Dark ) tone eye shadow on the outer corner of the eyelid , staying below the crease and forming a small triangle.

Do the same from the inner corner of the eye. You must have a naked stripe down the middle of the eyelid, between the two triangles. Repeat procedure for the opposite eye.

Apply the medium shade on the bare eye area just above the crease , all the way to the lash line . Half tone must be at least two shades lighter than the dark tone colors. Repeat procedure for the opposite eye.

Apply the eye shadow color Highlight along the brow bone , starting right in the thickest part of the brow. Repeat procedure for the opposite eye.

Mix the edge of the eye shadow Highlight with your finger so you do not see a marked line .

Then, still using the ring finger , blend the edges of the Dark eye shadow and a half. Be careful not to remove too much eye shadow , the idea is to simply delete the lines between colors. Repeat procedure for the opposite eye.

Pull the skin on the eyelid just above the centre of the eyebrow. Carefully apply a thin line of liquid eye liner as close to the lash line as possible. Repeat procedure for the opposite eye.

Place the curler in the eye with lashes between the clamps . Close the curler gently , taking care that you do not pinch the skin. After the crisper is closed , more pressure and maintained for five seconds.

Finally, apply a coat of mascara. For a more dramatic tone places two layers.


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